Carbon Neutral

From 2011 onwards all wines produced by Temple Bruer are and always will be carbon neutral. Temple Bruer has achieved carbon neutrality through measuring its carbon footprint through a cradle to gate lifecycle analysis, working tirelessly to reduce our footprint through all means possible and finally purchasing environmental and socialy sustainable carbon credits to offset the remainder. 

Reductions have been made to our footprint by adopting light weight bottles throughout our whole range, reducing air freight and the purchase of 10kw solar system from Keystone Environmental Solutions.

To ensure the validity of Temple Bruers results our audit was in turn verified by Canopy to ensure the accuracy of our audit.

While we are very proud of this achievement we still have some way to go to achieve our ultimate goal, achieving carbon neutralality without the purchase of offsets. We hope to achieve this through increasing our generation of renewable elctricity through a combination of solar with future plans to invest in a pyrolysis plant, Continuing to search for further savings and participating in the Federal Governments carbon farming initiative and further reducing our footprint in anyway possible.